Tip: This article is about water conservation in agriculture, ways to conserve water, water conservation methods.

Water conservation methods in planting process

Deep plowing

Deep plowing could avoid the surface runoff.

Planting improved crops

Organic fertilizer

The result showed that straw incorporation and organic fertilizer application could increase yield and save water clearly.

Cover crops

  • Film cover
  • Straw cover

Methods in the irrigation process

Impermeable canal irrigation

It can save about 20% water to improve the canal to impermeable type.


Pipe-irrigation is a cheap & efficient method to save water. It can save 30-50% water to choice pipe-irrigation than earth canal.


  • Drip irrigation
  • Micro-sprinkling irrigation
  • Seepage irrigation
  • Sprinkling irrigation

It can save 80-85% water to choice micro-irrigation than earth canal. The effect will be better to combined micro-irrigation with the water-soluble fertilizer.

Sprinkling irrigation

It can save 50-60% water to choice micro-irrigation than earth canal. In general, sprinkling irrigation’s cost is higher than micro-irrigation.

Use anti-drought product

Water retaining agent

Water retaining agent is a very efficient product. It can increase soil’s water holding capacity as much as 80% and the effect last for years.


Antitranspirants can effectively control the opening of stomata and reduce leaf transpiration.

Guide to Super Absorbent Polymer