The DS750 directional module is designed to enable high accuracy measurement of the tool face (roll), inclination and azimuth orientation angles in borehole logging and drilling applications.


Temperature: 0~175℃

Accuracy: ±0.1° for inclination

±0.1° for tool face , ±0.3° for azimuth .

Product applications: Directional drilling, geological steering l MWD/LWD

Technical specification

Items Value
Input Voltage Range 10~36V
Input Current [email protected]
Temperature Range(Operating) 0℃~175℃
Temperature Range(Storage) -40℃~185℃
Insulation resistance 100MΩ(100V)
Inclination (Drift) Range 0°~180°
Azimuth Range 0°~360°
Roll (Toolface) Range 0°~360°
Inclination (Drift) ±0.1°
Azimuth Inclination≥5° ±2°
Inclination≥10° ±1°
Inclination=90° ±0.3°
Roll (Toolface) ±0.1°

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