Linear Voltage Regulator LH42094

——high temperature positive power supply precision regulator

Use purpose

LH42094 circuit is a precision voltage stabilized positive power supply specially designed for operations under high temperature and wide temperature environment, this power supply has the characteristics that output doesn’t change as the input voltage, load current, and environment temperature, without connection with the external filter capacitance, the output noise is less than 1mV, and can operate reliably for long term period under shell temperature of 200℃.

It is suitable for all kinds of positive stabilized power supply, especially for electronic equipment under high temperature and wide temperature operation environment and voltage regulation factor and load regulation are smaller compared with foreign products of the same model.


> Output current: 1.5A

> Input voltage to 40V

> Internal limited current protection

> Storage temperature: +200℃

> Maximum output voltage: 30VDC

Absolute maximum rated values

> Output current: 1.5A

> Input voltage: +40V

> Working temperature(shell temperature): +200℃

> Storage temperature: -65℃~+200℃

> Power: 25W

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