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sodium polyacrylate in diapers

Sodium polyacrylate

Sodium polyacrylate is an absorbent material that can absorb purified water up to hundreds times of its own weight.

It is non-toxic, harmless and nonpolluting.

Sodium polyacrylate for diapers

Sodium polyacrylate is the important absorbent material in paper diaper, sodium polyacrylate, nursing mat and other hygiene products.

The baby diapers application dominates the sodium polyacrylate market in the world.

This segment held over 70% of the total market share in 2014. The huge market share of the baby diapers segment can be attributed to its ever growing demand in the developing nations. (from grandviewresearch)

Important indicators

Indicators Note
absorbent rate It affects the urine-absorbent rate of diapers.
liquid permeability It helps diaper absorbing urine fast & evenly.
absorption in 0.9% NaCl It affects the urine absorption ability of diapers.
absorption under pressure It affects the urine absorption ability of diapers (under pressure ).
retention capacity after centrifugation It affects the urine absorption ability of diapers (while was switched).
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