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ZITN established in 2002, a national high-tech enterprise. Focus on the design, development and manufacturing of high-end sensors and thick film hybrid integrated circuits.

Top Value MWD&LWD Directional Sensor

The DS750 directional module is designed to enable high accuracy measurement of the tool face (roll), inclination and azimuth orientation angles in borehole logging and drilling applications. Features Temperature: 0~175℃ Accuracy: ±0.1° for inclination ±0.1° for tool face , ±0.3° for azimuth . Product applications: Directional drilling, geological steering l MWD/LWD Technical specification Items Value [...]

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Top Value Quartz-Flexible Accelerometer

HQA-J1TR Quartz-Flexible Accelerometer is a single-axis torque reaction type accelerometer to detect the external acceleration signal by detecting quality,and then demodulated and amplified by the servo circuit, and finally output current signal proportional to the acceleration signal. It is widely used for a high accuracy navigation system of aerospace. Products features High [...]

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High Temperature Nand Flash Memory Chip

Introduction WL800 directional sensor contains both high-temperature resistance 3 axis accelerometer sensor and 3 axis fluxgate magnetometer sensor, the inclination and tool face data measured by 3 axes accelerometer. The azimuth data measured by 3 axis magnetometers. Also,the WL800H-A can measure the total acceleration, total magnetic intensity, magnetic tool face angle, magnetic good [...]

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Top Value Linear Voltage Regulator

Linear Voltage Regulator LH42094 ------high temperature positive power supply precision regulator Use purposeLH42094 circuit is a precision voltage stabilized positive power supply specially designed for operations under high temperature and wide temperature environment, this power supply has the characteristics that output doesn’t change as the input voltage, load current, and environment temperature, without connection with [...]

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Top Value Geographical Orientation Sensor

Geographical Orientation Sensor - DS560 The DS560 contains both a 3-axis fluxgate magnetometer and a 3-axis accelerometer,it is designed to enable high accuracy measurement of the roll, inclination and azimuth orientation angles of a system to which it is mounted. The accuracy of roll and inclination measurement is ±0.3°. The accuracy of azimuth measurements [...]

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